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    Default Final setup

    And finally i have finished the set up for my RETF any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Final setup

    It looks great!
    You might want post additional details regarding the build ?
    (size, plant species etc )

    Do I see sphagnum moss on the substrate?
    If not, I apologize.
    If so, it will need to be removed as it can cause an intestinal obstruction if accidentally ingested by a red eye tree frog.

    Keep it coming!

    Pls let someone know if you want this ( your thread moved to the "Tree frog" area

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    Default Re: Final setup

    The size of the terrarium is 12'x 12' x 18'.

    The background is natural cork flat.

    I added a waterfall running over a natural wood and in tje bottom it makes a little pond.

    To add the waterfall i used a fake bottom using zoomed waterfall kit.

    The substrate is natural earth with coco substrate, everything is grinden.

    The plants are artificial silk plants.

    The moss is frog moss.

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