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Thread: Feeder insects in Canada

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    Default Feeder insects in Canada

    Where can I buy feeder insects in Canada?? I am in need of some isopods and springtails, and I can't find any this side of the border!!

    is there anywhere I can buy them and have them shipped from within Canada??
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    Default Re: Feeder insects in Canada

    Understory for sure has them , green oasis too. But in ontario there are bunch of dart frog keepers, everybody will have these guys. Look around im sure you'll find some.
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    Default Re: Feeder insects in Canada

    Try checking Understory Enterprises, they may have some springtails
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    Default Re: Feeder insects in Canada

    Hi Lisa. I have springtail cultures that I can ship anywhere in Canada. I'm in Ontario too. Let me know.

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