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    Default Hello


    We have many, many new members !
    We ALL try to get to every new introduction.

    There is an obvious and notable effort, here on Frog Forum, by membership helping to provide the best information possible for "The Frogs". Thank you. Afterall, it's all about the frogs.

    Please visit the Forum Rules from time to time

    Frog Forum - FrogForum Terms of Use (Rules)

    Note: Quote from "Terms of Use (FrogForum Rules) "

    < By posting advice and information you agree that it is correct to the best of your knowledge. You also agree to refrain from posting fictional or false information. The management of will decide at their sole discretion if a user is deliberately posting false information and they will penalise or ban users found to be repeatedly posting deliberately erroneous, misleading or malicious information.

    We allow the posting of commercial links to this web site provided that it is done so in a manner that is relevant to a discussion. We do not permit links to commercial non Amphibian web sites of any kind. This includes links in signatures to such web sites. By agreeing to these rules you agree to link to commercial websites only when it is absolutely necessary in a discussion.[/I] >

    Thank You
    We appreciate everyones help and cooperation
    Frog Forum Management
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    Oophaga pumilio "Red Frog Beach”
    Oophaga pumilio "Rio Branco"
    Oophaga pumilio “Valle del Rey”
    Oophaga pumilio "BriBri"
    Oophaga pumilio "El Dorado"
    Oophaga pumilio "Cristobal"
    Oophaga pumilio "Rambala"

    Oophaga “Vicentei” (blue)

    Oophaga sylvatica "Paru"
    Oophaga sylvatica "Pata Blanca"
    Oophaga histrionica “Redhead”
    Oophaga histrionica "Blue"
    Oophaga lehmanni "Red"
    Oophaga histrionica "Tado"

    Ranitomeya variabilis "Southern"
    Ranitomeya imitator "Varadero"
    Ranitomeya sirensis "Lower Ucayali"
    Ranitomeya vanzolinii

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