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Thread: Wax worms. Worried about my toads.

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    Default Wax worms. Worried about my toads.

    Hi. I'm worried about 2 of my toads. I decided to buy wax worms for them as a treat and they were supposed to be alive but they were refrigerated. I gave them after they thawed out to two of my toads. They ate them before they even hit the ground and when I went to grab another one I realized it was dead. I searched the cup for living ones and they're all dead. I'm returning them. But now am worried about the two toads that ate them. I wanted advice on if my little piggies will be okay. They weren't black. They were still a good color, the ones I gave them. The other ones in the cup are pretty much all black or turning black.

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    Your toads are most likely fine but keep an eye on them the next few days. The waxworms may have been stored improperly (too cold for example). Definitely return them to the store though.

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    Default Re: Wax worms. Worried about my toads.

    Thank you so much! I did return them and they told me they were all dead. But the toadies are doing fine. I just got worried like a worried mom. I won't be buying them food there anymore. I will be going where I usually go. Thanks again.

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