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    Help! I have a 10 gallon terrarium with a screen lid. I have coconut fiber and very wet moss, a swimming pool and misting all day but my humidity is still at desert on the gauge after 30 minutes of spraying. The local pet store said to ramp up my heat so my heat is at 80 but still no humidity. Plastic/ Can't use it because will catch fire. Will I need to make it more aquatic on the bottom or get a regular fish top. I have been trying everything for a week and very concerned.

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    Default Fire bellied toads (frogs)

    A) your hygrometer is most likely inaccurate. B) Your humidity is going right out the top through the screen. Try covering some up with plastic wrap, or glass, or plexi glass, aluminum foil, ect.

    I would start with replacing the hygrometer with a digital one, the analogs are notoriously inaccurate. But in the mean time, covering some of the top should raise your humidity noticeably.

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