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Thread: When to sell African Dwarf Froglets?

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    Red face When to sell African Dwarf Froglets?

    A few weeks ago, I posted about how I had tiny little tadpoles and was raising them in a breeder box. They are all growing well. The thing is, I kept all of them thinking that only one or two would survive and I would keep them. I seem to be a better tadpole mother than I give myself credit for, so now I have 4 (soon to be 6) froglets and I don't have the space to keep all of them throughout their lives, so I will have to give some of them away (my parents would not want me to get another tank for them).
    I am concerned about when to find these guys their forever home and worry that they won't get the care that they need (they get 3 meals a day of frozen baby brine shrimp and 90% water change every day.) Should I sell them now and be cautious, or wait till they're bigger and sell them then? I've grown attached to these little guys and want them to live long happy lives.

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