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Thread: Lots of black spots on Red Eyed Tree Frog ( pic included )

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    Default Lots of black spots on Red Eyed Tree Frog ( pic included )

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    I have have group of 4 RETF females in 24x24x18 exo with humidity of around 50% and between 75-80F. i feed half grown crix dusted with Repashy Calcium+ 3 times a week and occasional silk worms.
    Just for general knowledge, i have RETFs for about 8 years and never had a single health issue other then occasional nose rub ( knock on wood ).

    for a while now ( more than a year ) one of my females developed lots of tiny dark spots on her back. as you can see in the pic, she is in perfect physiological condition and behaving exactly like a plump RETF should.
    She is very active at night, shed like a champ and hunts like a Tiger

    I only attend to this problem now because i want to find out whats causing this, appear to be, skin problem. i normally never treat my frogs unless there is a known problem and/or deteriorate health status

    I want to know if anyone can shed some light on this "problem" either from personal experience or from scientific literature source.

    Thanks in advance and if anymore info or pictures needed i'd be happy to provide.
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    Default Re: Lots of black spots on Red Eyed Tree Frog ( pic included )

    Welcome to Frog Forum.
    It will be great to have you long time experience to share with others members; if you are interested ?
    Your frog looks very healthy and well cared for !!!

    I believe these are healing superficial skin abrasions or scars from the same ?

    Please let me know :
    Something could be scratching the frog?
    Does she push against a screen area?
    What other plants do you have in the enclosure?
    Does this appear on any other frogs?
    Have you had an issue with any other insects getting into the enclosure?
    Does she currently have a nose rub?

    Food for thought .....nose rubs should really never happen ! I'm sure you know, it's a sign of stress within the enclosure.

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    Default Re: Lots of black spots on Red Eyed Tree Frog ( pic included )

    Hi Lynn and thank you for the greeting and informative reply.

    I can say its definitely not healing superficial skin abrasions this frog is very docile and have never tried to find a way out of the viv, i watch my frogs very closely.
    She never had a nose rub or any kind of skin trauma. its the only female with this problem and i can say that when it started, it started with much less spots.
    it looks like that the spots are adding up slowly.
    the only plant in the viv is a big pothos plant and a water bowl i even feed them in a different glass bowl so there are no roaming crix around the viv.

    You came up with a good and valid ideas, Lynn, and i appreciate the effort to help out

    ps. i even raise the males in other enclosure, separated from the females just so the horny little dudes will not stress the plump females with courting and breeding behavior out of the season. there are practically no stress factors with my RETFs, i dare to say.

    So if anyone else have some more ideas, don't be shy, i'm always ready to educate myself for the sake of my frogs

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    Default Re: Lots of black spots on Red Eyed Tree Frog ( pic included )

    Still trying to figure out what are these dark spots

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