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Thread: Mixing Pacific tree frogs & American green tree frogs

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    Question Mixing Pacific tree frogs & American green tree frogs

    Hey I have two Pacific tree frogs and one American green tree frog in the same 10Gal terrarium.

    Is it alright if I do that? They seem to be doing well with each other but I want to know if there may be any problems.

    I really love my frogs and don't want anything to make them sick.

    If you need me to take some pictures of my frogs/terrarium I will

    Hope to hear from you soon guys.

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    Default Mixing Pacific tree frogs & American green tree frogs

    I would separate them as soon as possible! Pacific Chorus Frogs (Pacific Tree Frogs) have a high resistance to the Chytrid fungus which as far as I know Green Tree Frogs do not.

    Also, their care and set up is very different. Green Tree Frogs are from the south, while PCFs are not. This means that the temperature and humidity needed to keep a GTF happy would make PCFs unhappy!

    Also, PCFs, although they can climb and some times choose to hang out in trees generally like to stay closer to the ground meaning they don't necessarily need lots of room to climb like true tree frogs, so generally people have them in horizontal tanks. That being said, they should still be offered plants and things to climb on off of the ground. GTFs however will need a vertical tank with lots of room to climb in order to be happy.

    I'm not an expert by any means, but I hope this helped you understand why your little buddies need their own space.

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