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Thread: Red eyed tree frog issue

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    Default Red eyed tree frog issue

    Hey I just got a red eyed tree frog pair last week and the male is eating but I have never seen the larger female eat what should I do??

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    Default Red eyed tree frog issue

    They might still be getting used to the new environment. Do the crickets roam free? She may not want to eat in front of you but be eating when you are not looking

    caerulea 1.1.0 (White's Tree Frog)
    Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis ​0.1.0 (Anerythristic Honduran Milk Snake) Tliltocatl albopilosus 0.0.2 (Curly Hair Tarantula)
    Aphonopelma hentzi 0.0.1 (Texas Brown Tarantula)
    Avicularia avicularia 0.0.2 (Pinktoe Tarantula)
    Brachypelma smithi ex. annitha 0.0.1 (Mexican Giant Red Knee Tarantula) Monocentropus balfouri 0.0.2 (Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula)
    Harpactira pulchripes
    0.0.1 (Golden Blue Leg Baboon Tarantula)

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    Okay I will give it a little longer before I get really woried

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    And I was really confused on what humidity to keep them at because some say to keep at
    60% and others high 80%

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