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    About 2 1/2 weeks ago I found an American toad (I named him Freddy!) on his back not moving. I noticed he was faintly breathing so I flipped him over and put him in a bowl of water. After a little bit he was moving his back legs but not his front. He still can't move them. He couldn't get food so I've been feeding him 2-3 small crickets a day. He does get around but his arms end up twisted. I don't know what happened to him! But for the last 2-3 days, he's been wanting to be in realllllly dark places and has been sleeping a lot. Also, I think one of his fingers are cut :/ I'm not really sure what to do... I have him in a big container with a hiding place (where I think he cut himself) and a water bowl, I have to put him in there because he can't get in himself.
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    I'm still pretty new to American Toads but from what I've read they are pretty resilient. I would say to leave him alone as much as possible to avoid any more stress (besides feeding). I would also read the care article here on these toads as well. Of course the best thing would be to take him to a vet but besides that I think you just have to see if he pulls out of this and heals himself. Keep a moist area close to him if hes having a hard time getting to water.

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    Hello and welcome to FF! From description appears toad suffered an injury involving it's front feet. Only way of telling; is to take it to herp vet for x-rays. Here are a couple of locators if going that way: Arav and Herp Vet Connection. Also, here is link to care article: Frog Forum - Toad Basics - Keeping ground-dwelling Toads. A care sheet for Bufo, Anaxyrus, Spea, Scaphiopus, Ollotis, Alytes, Pelobates.

    Get some non-analgesic (no painkillers) original Neosporin or Silver based antibiotic ointment and apply with Q-tip 2X daily to open wounds. Melafix (natural fish antibiotic) can also be added to treatment too. Mix according to label directions with dechlorinated tap and use in the Toads bath water until wound is healed; but not less than a week. Once mixed (myself use gallon jugs), solution can be stored in dark place for couple days. Always change toad's water daily; even if it looks clean.

    Get some not dyed night crawlers (Walmart or a local bait shop) and offer to toad. If you can find Reptaboost; dust all it's food for one week in it; then replace it with normal dusting schedules: Hope this helps and good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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