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Thread: i'm falling for isopods

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    Default i'm falling for isopods

    since starting the dart frog viv, i am really enjoying the isopods. i have dwarf white and purples, but i have heard the dwarf striped are slightly larger. i am ordering about 40 of those this week. i don't want to jump into the giant ones yet, but they are a cute little bug..
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    Default i'm falling for isopods

    Can't argue that. I keep giant oranges. They take forever to mature, but they are so worth the wait!!!

    You should check out the Dalmatian ISO's. They are awesome!

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    Default Re: i'm falling for isopods

    I love my Orange giant Isos! They do take forever to get going, but man are they cool
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    Default Re: i'm falling for isopods

    I read somewhere on here that you can collect isopods outside, and breed 3 generations to remove any diseases. I collected probably 100 about a week ago. There housed correctly and there eating lots. Do you know roughly how long 3 generations should take? Do you believe there will be no parasites or disease left? And are the kind Id find in canada able to survive in vivs? I have a couple orange ones too. thanks

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    Default Re: i'm falling for isopods

    Colleen glad you are enjoying your isopods. Dwarf whites can be prolific and dwarf striped are indeed just a bit larger and only slightly less prolific. How are your purples doing? they can require some patience.
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