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Thread: Baby Gray Tree Frog and Tadpole Need a New Home ASAP...

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    Default Baby Gray Tree Frog and Tadpole Need a New Home ASAP...

    Hello fellow Frog Forum members.

    In May I rescued 25 Gray Tree Frog tadpoles from a rapidly-evaporating puddle of water. I made it my summer project to raise the tadpoles and release the froglets back into the wild. I am happy to report that 23 of the 25 tadpoles have turned into beautiful, healthy Gray Tree Frogs, and have been released. We can only hope that they will have the skill, instincts, and luck to survive - and thrive, in the wild.

    Here's where I need your help, fellow members: This project has lasted a bit longer than I had anticipated. I still have one tadpole left (I don't know what he's waiting for!) and I have a cool little froglet who is 10 days old, healthy, and eating well. I kept him longer than I had planned because he didn't start out as a good eater. He had problems catching his prey, and I didn't want to release him until he improved his skills. Fortunately. his skills have improved dramatically, and he is eating 7-8 large fruit flies every day. Being so late in the summer now, and with temperatures cooling off quickly here in New York, I just feel it is too late to release this little guy into the wild. I would feel much more comfortable if one of the wonderful members here at the Forum would adopt my froglet and tadpole. I live in Lower Westchester County, NY, and would be willing to personally deliver these guys to the right person if you live in the Westchester, Putnam County, or Southern Connecticut area.

    Please note that I am ONLY extending this offer to EXPERIENCED frog owners who I feel will take excellent care of the tadpole and froglet and provide them with a very good home. To this person I will also provide a large Critter Keeper for the froglet and a Medium Critter Keeper for the tadpole.

    I really need to find a good home for these guys. So if you live anywhere near me, and you are an experienced frog owner, please contact me asap.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    All the best...


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