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Thread: Spot on back keeps reappearing...

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    Default Spot on back keeps reappearing...

    You may recall I posted a while back about Zeus missing part of his shed one day (thinking I maybe caught him mid-shed when I turned light on to feed him and that's why he stopped because he had no trouble getting the extra piece I had seen off after eating)... Anyway, after that I would sometimes see brown pieces on his lower back and thought it was from that same thing, and the first time it actually did seem like a piece of skin still. I sprayed him a bit and it came off, and I figured it was ok.

    After that I would find it again almost every morning and I usually spray it a bit and some of it comes off, sometimes some is left over. I still don't know if it's skin getting stuck back there around the ridges (its in between them in that little hollow at the base mainly) or if it's maybe something else? I am starting to wonder if it could be like a dirty spot... perhaps from where he's been sleeping at night. For a bit he would go in one back corner and sort of hide in a little spot he made in/under the moss, but the last week or so I have noticed he moved to a spot under the wood in his viv and he goes up in the corner of it where I think it probably touches his back some.

    I would say he seems ok, acting the same, looks healthy, I just don't know what's causing this to keep happening.

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