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    Hi there,

    I joined the forum for some advice regarding an injured toad. Last Thursday my husband accidentally hit a toad with the string trimmer. We live in a newly built house in a rural area and we have swarms of these toads. I'm in northern Indiana and google tells me these are American or fowlers.

    So the toad has an obvious break in his left rear leg, a few missing toes on the rear leg, and a probable break in the left front leg. The bone was protruding from his rear leg and there are some open areas on the rear foot and front leg. I didn't think he would survive the night so I originally put him in a Tupperware container with damp paper towels.

    Surprisingly, he did survive so I read online the Bactine and neosporin without pain reliever was safe so I rinsed his wounds with Bactine and almost immediately, he went limp and his throat was no longer moving. Assuming it was result of the Bactine, I rinsed him in lots of water but he still was unresponsive. I could see his heart was still beating so I put him back in the Tupperware and left him be, thinking he was dying.

    Several hours later, I checked on him and he was alert and sitting up so I went out and bought him a small cage and now I have this toad. As of now, he is in a critter keeper with damp paper towels and a shallow water dish. I have had firebelly toads and currently have an almost 10 year old bearded Dragon so I know about treating the water, gutloading, vitamin dusting, etc. My dilemma is what to do with this little guy so that he will survive these injuries, and in the best case scenario, be able to be returned to the wild.

    I originally called the vet and was laughed at. I was told that they wouldn't treat him and that I shouldn't waste my time with such a common toad. I know toads are pretty resilient little creatures so I thought I'd give him a chance.

    His leg bone is now inside the skin and is mostly closed over, his foot and toe area is still open, and his front leg is at a funny angle and is pretty red and purple. I am cleaning his cage daily with boiling water and boiling the water for his water dish. He is eating 4-8 small crickets daily and pooping every other day. Temp is 68-72. I have been putting neosporin on his wounds daily. What else can I do for him? I am concerned about the risk for infection and how well his broken bones will heal. I would prefer to set him free if he heals well enough but will keep him if need be.


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