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Thread: Why do wtfs change color?

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    Question Why do wtfs change color?

    I think its because of change of moods but my green one changed to brown. And my other one changes from brown to blue?

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    Default Re: Why do wtfs change color?

    Mood, humidity and temperature, stress....many different reasons. One of mine will change to blue at night, another will change color when I put him in a critter tote (when I'm cleaning out the tank or whatnot). I like the change in color.

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    Default Re: Why do wtfs change color?

    ..and also time of day, mine are all light green during the day and dark green/brown at night, it has to do with camouflage

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    Talking Re: Why do wtfs change color?

    ALSO, I think some frogs just have different natural tendencies! I have my two WTFs in the same tank, with the same conditions, and one tends to stay green to light blue , and the other tends to go from brown to olive green. Course this could be because Kibbits (the browner of the two) prefers to stay on the warmer/dry side of the tank, and Igby (the bluer one) tends to stay on the cooler/water side. No matter how many times I change up the habitat with various combos of branches and vines in different places, they seem to always end up in their preferred sleeping sides (Kibbits hiding away inside some branch or log, and Igby sleeping on top of some leaf or log above their pond).

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    Default Re: Why do wtfs change color?

    It's perfectly natural for wtfs to change their colors, just 'cause they camouflage. for example, I heat lamp that produces a slightly red glow, so my wtf will sometimes have a bit more brown in his skin

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    Default Re: Why do wtfs change color?

    I don't have a white tree frog but have a golden tree frog that changes colour. When I first bought him, he was a dark brown but as he got settled in his new terrarium, he started changing into a lighter gold and now he's a beautiful golden colour now and has been like that for a while. It's fascinating.

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    Default Re: Why do wtfs change color?

    It's really hard to say. Brown might be the equivalent of turning red from heat, cold, stress, or just plain flushing. After all green + red= brown.

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