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Thread: Baby pacman frog not eating

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    Default Baby pacman frog not eating

    Hey guys, well I bought a baby albino pacman yesterday at a reptile show. The vendor told me that when I get home to feed him a pinky so I did and he ate it. Ever since I got him he won't eat crickets. He is a little bit bigger then a quarter. His temperature is about 74.5-75.5 degrees. I have a zoo med thermometer with a probe. He has a critter keeper. So is he not eating because he is full.

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    A pinkie is wayyy to much for a frog that little. Also temps are low, you want day time temps 80-83. Then let it drop into the upper 70's at night. Also are you monitoring humidity, if too dry they will go off feed.
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    Default Re: Baby pacman frog not eating

    Hello and welcome to FF ! Well, I'm sorry; but appears the vendor got you to a wrong start . Please read this good care article about your frog care: Frog Forum - Pacman and Horned Frogs - Ceratophrys - Care and Breeding.

    Baby Pacmans need 82F day temp with 70-80% humidity to stay healthy. They also need a staple diet of not dyed night crawlers (Walmart or local bait shop). You can cut them from pointy end into mouth size bits for baby; body length for 2-3 in. juvies, and full size for larger frogs. This is an excellent time to get it trained into eating from plastic or stainless plastic tipped tongs. Can also offer gut loaded (lettuce, carrots, and cherios cereal) crickets sized same as distance between frog's eyes. Mice should only be offered once a month (if so) and never give it big ones cause they can rot inside frog prior to digestion and kill it).

    A plastic critter keeper only needs shredded coco (EcoEarth or Plantation Soil) mixed with dechlorinated tap until it clumps in fist, without dripping water, to same depth as frog height. Add a ramped water dish and clean daily with hot water, then refill with dechlorinated tap (Seachem Prime or ExoTerra Aquatize). A little silk plant will help frog feel safe.

    Keeping the proper temperature and humidity levels in a plastic enclosure is not easy. My recommendation is to use a 10G tank (which you will need eventually) with screen top and a Fluker's dome with build in dimmer and 60W Ceramic Heat Emitter (since it's an albino, can only use red incandescent bulbs or infrared emitters to heat up enclosure).

    Cover the whole screen top with aluminum foil and using a sharpie, draw around the light fixture. Then using scissors, cut around the line; but make hole a bit bigger, like around 1 in. Mist tank twice a day and using dimmer adjust it so thermometer (floating glass aquarium or digital unit) reads 82F with couple degree drop at night. Humidity should stay between 70-80%; if more make the hole in aluminum foil larger, if less then mist more. Once you get it right; then place the whole critter keeper with frog inside tank. Once frog reaches around 3.5-4 in. you can then release in the 10 gal. Hope this helps and good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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