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Thread: Baby Pac with Short Tongue?

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    Default Baby Pac with Short Tongue?

    I got a baby C. cranwelli, my first pacman, at Petsmart 2 weeks ago. I'm calling him/her Kaiju. He/she produced a pretty serious poop on her first night, but I haven't noticed poop since then. I have an African Bullfrog and ACFs so I'm more accustomed to voracious appetites when it comes to frogs. When doing my pacman research I saw that they tend to eat less and will often skip feedings. I'm concerned that my frog isn't thriving as she has only eaten about 12 small crickets in the last 2 weeks, some of which I put directly in her mouth (I'll explain that below).

    1. Size of enclosure -medium critter keeper inside a 20 long. she will upgrade to a 10g when bigger
    2. # of inhabitants - specifically other frogs and size differences -1 pacman in critter keeper, 1 gabf in 20 long (they can't see each other).
    3. Humidity ~80%
    4. Temperature -day 84 F night 78 F
    5. Water - type - for both misting and soaking dish -de-chlorinated tap
    6. Materials used for substrate -eco earth
    7. Enclosure set up i.e. plants (live or artificial), wood, bark and other materials. artificial plant & water dish
    - How were things prepared prior to being put into the viv.
    8. Main food source crickets (has refused cut worms)
    9. Vitamins and calcium? (how often) trying to offer Ca twice a week, multivit once a week
    10. Lighting 12/12 hour light/dark cycle using heat bulb
    11. What is being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure -UTH on 20g tank side wall, heat bulb on during the day
    12. When is the last time he/she ate -yesterday. She failed at hunting the crickets (several lunges and misses) so I picked her up and she ate 2 crickets when i put them to her mouth
    13. Have you found poop lately not that I can tell
    14. A pic would be helpful including frog and enclosure (any including cell phone pic is fine) see below
    15. Describe frog's symptoms and/or recent physical changes; to include it's ventral/belly area. seems to have difficulty hunting. tongue does not successfully grasp prey.
    16. How old is the frog baby <2in
    17. How long have you owned him/her 2 weeks
    18. Is the frog wild caught or captive bred CB
    19. Frog food- how often and if it is diverse, what other feeders are used as treats offer small crickets every 2-3 days, often ignores food or fail to catch. refuses to tong feed. refuses nightcrawlers
    20. How often the frog is handled I only pick her up to help her eat crickets, maybe twice per week.
    21. Is the enclosure kept in a high or low traffic area low
    22. Describe enclosure maintenance (water changes, cleaning, etc) water changed once a day

    So basically it seems like she is struggling to catch prey because her tongue does not project out well. Some preliminary research has me suspecting Short Tongue Syndrome due to Vit. A deficiency. I'm not terribly surprised that a Petsmart animal would have this condition. I just want to know how to help her get better.

    Should I try offering more multivitamin dusted crickets, or has anyone tried a more direct use of Vit A? She will lunge at a cricket twice and when she misses she seems to just give up. I wait 10 minutes and still nothing. She has refused anything from the tongs. I've only had luck with picking her up, then with one finger I very gently stroke the side of her mouth until she opens it a bit (takes about 3 seconds) then I put a cricket on her "lips" and she readily takes it and swallows it. I know this is stressful for her, but it's better than letting her go hungry.

    What is a normal amount of crickets for a 1.5 inch pac to eat? I know she should eat every day or every other day.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Baby Pac with Short Tongue?

    How big is the Pyxi?

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    Default Re: Baby Pac with Short Tongue?

    Grif, not sure what my GABF's size has to do with my pacman's short tongue, but I'll humor you anyway since you usually give great advice . Kevin the bullfrog is probably about 4-4.5in SVL. He's only about 6 months old and has a lot of growing to do yet. There is plenty of room for him (spends most of his time in the water half of the tank anyway) and the critter keeper. This way I can keep the Pac in the right temps/humidity until she moves to the 10g. They can't see each other so I don't even thing they know that the other exists.
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    Anyway, please let me know if you can help with the Pac. The GAFB is a happy & healthy piglet.

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    Default Re: Baby Pac with Short Tongue?

    Get a small jar of this and dust food items twice a month: Repashy Superfoods :: RETAIL SALES :: By Product Name :: Vitamin A Plus :: Vitamin A Plus 3 oz JAR - Repashy Ventures - Distributor Center. Continue tong feeding crickets (try not to pick up frog) and after it eat's the first one; then offer a piece of night crawler. It might take a while; but once frog bites and likes worm, it's diet will be much better .
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Re: Baby Pac with Short Tongue?

    Thanks Carlos! I will try your worm feeding technique. I just ordered the Repashy Vit A on amazon so I should have it next week

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