Isopods & Woodlice Starter Cultures | Ready Reptile Feeders

Isopods/woodlice work as Cleaner Crews as well as Live Feeder Insects for your frogs and other amphibians and are shipped in Ready Reptile Feeders Premiun Substrate Mix. Keep a culture going at all times or just put them in your vivarium or tank and they culture themselves.

Whether you Buy Dwarf White, Grey, Striped, Skirted and Purple Isopods from Ready Reptile Feeders they should Culture prolifically and quickly work help to with preventative mainetnance in your tanks. Your cultures are started a month to several months before ordering and in many cases have already begun to produce offspring by the time you receive them.
When you Purchase your isopod culture it may be used to seed your tank, or start a larger culture that you may use to seed or reseed tanks at any time. This way you will always have a supply when you need it.

Isopods/WoodliceStarting at only 10.95