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Thread: My vietnamese mossy frogs won't eat

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    Default My vietnamese mossy frogs won't eat

    I got 2 Vietnamese mossy frogs 5 days ago. I put a floating box of crickets in their water every night, but for the first few nights, none of the crickets were gone. Then on friday morning, I noticed that 4 of the eight crickets were gone, and the four remaining crickets were all dead and slightly squished. I thought that my mossy frogs must have eaten, but only one of my mossies had moved positions over night. The other one was in the exact same position he was when i went to bed. I also tried putting both of my frogs in separate places with crickets, but they took no notice of the crickets. My frogs lived together before I bought them, so they get along fine. At first I thought that they just weren't hungry, but it's been five nights now and I think only one has eaten. The other one might just be stressed but I don't know when he'll eat again. Do frogs ever starve themselves to death? If I just leave my frog alone and keep providing him with food, will he eventually eat?

    I also read that you can hand feed and force feed a frog, or give them a hot bath with honey to make them eat. i also read that there is a product called Flukers repta aid, but I'm not sure what to try, or if you can give mossy frogs a bath. Whatever I do, I want to help my frog as soon as possible before this turns into a bigger problem.

    i keep the temperature during the day at about 78, and the temperatures at night about 70. I don't give them any special heating because i read in several places that they do good in room temperature. I'm not quite sure what the humidity is or how to tell. But I do mist their tank several times a day, and I have plastic sheeting on top to keep the humidity in. I've cleaned their tank 3 times in the five days I've had them (but that was because I used to have a piece of driftwood that turned the water yellow, and even though tanin rich water is good for them, it looked really bad) i think I'm doing everything right, but I don't know why my frog isn't eating!

    Any advice is really appreciated.

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    Default Re: My vietnamese mossy frogs won't eat

    look for Raya. or post this in the tree frog section. i love mossy frogs, i hope it turns out ok for you.
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