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Thread: What type of frog is this?

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    Question What type of frog is this?

    I received 4 tadpoles from my science teacher after the eggs he brought in for class studies hatched and he wanted to get rid of some. After approx. 2.5 months, one of the tadpoles finally changed into a frog, and I have no clue what kind it is. I live in Wisconsin, if that helps.
    I would also love help on care and feeding for this tiny guy, that would be much appreciated. He is about the size of the end of my pinkie right now.
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    - brownish colored body, and has gold flecks all over (the tadpoles have gold flecks too), its back legs are very light brown/gold with dark stripes on them. It has a large head and large eyes. It also has slight dark markings on its body. It has two ridges going down its back, starting at its eyes and going all the way down its body. (I have seen many frog species with these ridges) Here is one picture, and if it doesnt show up heres a link to pics-
    imgur: the simple image sharer
    imgur: the simple image sharer <-- this one is to see the striped back legs, and you can slightly see the dark colored ridges on the sides of his body.

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    Default Re: What type of frog is this?

    Hello and welcome to FF ! That cutie is probably a Rana sylvatica (Wood Frog). Food can be wingless fruit flies and pinhead crickets until you can move to larger prey. . Insect size should be same as distance between frogs eyes. Need to use supplements; more on that in here:
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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