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Thread: fruit flies which is better

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    Default fruit flies which is better

    i am thinking about getting anEpipedobates anthonyi and i am wondering which is easier to culture and which is more has nutritional value D. hydei or D. melanogaster

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    Default Re: fruit flies which is better

    They are both easy to culture. the Melanogaster produce faster, but are smaller. Hydei are larger. Use the Melanogaster till your frogs get bigger than you can switch to the Hydei. Nutritional value is about the same. You will want to have Springtails, Isopods, and maybe pinhead crickets to give some variety to the diet from time to time. Springtails should be present in the tank at all times though. They are a great snack! .... for frogs... i never like the way they tasted. :P
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    okay thanks

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