I recently added a Surinam (aka Cornuta) horned frog to my collection--after reading and talking with folks for almost a year about them...and having great luck with my other horned frogs. I was told by the seller that this guy is CB and it has been feeding just fine for the ~9 months they'd been raising it (and several others). But, given it's size and reluctance to eat unless force fed, I'm now wondering if it was WC. Only time will tell. So far, no signs of illness, but I'm still waiting for a fecal to test. He's a reluctant eater and pooper!

I've spoken with a few of you who have had success with Cornutas, but wanted to make a forum post so others would benefit too.

What advice would you offer a new Cornuta owner? What warning signs should new owners look out for and what tests/treatments should new Cornuta owners do (for either WC or CB specimens)? What husbandry issues should they be aware of? How does their care differ from Cranwell's, Ornates, etc?

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone posts! These frogs are difficult, but definitely worth it.