Hey guys =)

I have a couple of new additions to the collection. First up is my 82% diamond python (Morelia spilota sp.) that I purchased from Bill Stegall of Phoenix Reptiles (great guy). This snake is incredible, the yellows and whites just pop in the light against the rich blacks. He's also ALWAYS perched right out in the open and makes for a great display animal. I'm tentatively calling him 'Orion' for now but still considering other names. He was the result of a 75% diamond jungle carpet X 88% diamond jungle carpet... quite the inquisitive little guy... a little shy but well behaved.

Next up is a species of snake that I have had my eye on for a very long time. I've been on the quest for the perfect blood python (Python brongersmai) for many years and had finally allocated the proper funds to purchase the trophy specimen of my dreams. This one was produced by Matt Turner of Selective Origins... Matt is one of the best in the hobby. He's a great guy who really cares about his animals and is in it for the right reasons. I would recommend him to anyone!

This is one of Matt's holdbacks from last season that I just picked up on Monday: a redhead, T+ albino Lyly blood. I am absolutely in love with this snake! Haven't come up with a name yet, but he is a total sweetheart and he takes my breath away every time I look at him.

Hard to believe that both of these snakes still have coloring up to do as they age!
Thanks for looking! =)