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Thread: Eating enough?

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    Default Eating enough?

    Wow, I feel like such a newbie with this American Bullfrog tadpole. Anyway, if anyone could answer a couple of questions for me, I would greatly appreciate it:

    1) Poe is really, REALLY active-is this normal?
    2) How do I know if it is getting enough to eat?
    3) It allows itself to get sucked to the bottom of the filter (which I have on the lowest setting)-again, is this normal?
    4) Should I put an airstone into the tank?

    Okay, guess that was more than a couple of questions. Whew-tadpoles are a lot more work than the adult frogs!! Not sure if I want to do this stage again!!

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    Default Re: Eating enough?

    Hi Jace, I dont know anything at all about American Bullfrog tadpole's but have raised many tree frog tadpoles. In regards to eating, I feed them little and often. Tadpoles are growing and tend to eat a lot. You dont want to have food just sitting there not being eaten as it will dirty the water. I find that active tadpole's are healthy tadpoles. Im not sure about the filter or air-stone as I never used either. Im sorry I cant be of more help.

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    Thanks, Ebony. I appreciate the effort! I have never raised a tadpole before, so I am kind of winging it. I have been feeding Poe twice a day and doing a 50% water change every day. However, the water always seems to be cloudy. I'll figure this out yet....with a little help, I hope!

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    I put an airstone in my newbie tadpole setup, dont think itll hurt anything, and then i at least have the peace of mind that the water will always have oxygen in it.

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    Default Re: Eating enough?

    I was kind of thinking the same thing. Not sure how much more I can fit into a tiny 5 gallon though!

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    Raising tadpoles is a lot like keeping fish. All the same rules apply. I would maintain the pH at around 6.8. Only feed what can be consumed in five minutes. Too clear the water, they make clarifiers available in most pet stores. If the tadpole can easily free itself from the filter then is shouldn't be a problem.

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    Thanks Kurt. Poe rests in the strangest places, including underneath, on top of, and inbetween the filters. Does a lot of swimming and eats pretty much every bit of flake food I have put into the water; doesn't seem as keen on the boiled lettuce and spinach though. I never used an air stone with my fish, so I think, for the time being, I will leave it out. Water appears clearer today though Poe has already had two feedings.

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