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Thread: Researching Whites Tree Frogs *Help*

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    Default Researching Whites Tree Frogs *Help*

    Hey everyone!
    I'll be picking up my first pair of tree frogs in about two weeks. I've done front to back research in caring for these guys and all has been consistent except the UVA/UVB lighting.

    "no UVA or UVB necessary"
    "high UVB required"
    "UVA optional"

    gah! I would assume a low UVB is needed, such as a 2.0 reptiglo but want to be absolutely sure.

    All feedback is helpful

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    Default Re: Researching Whites Tree Frogs *Help*

    I found this old thread interesting:

    Seems like the jury is still out on this topic.

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    Default Re: Researching Whites Tree Frogs *Help*

    Not exactly the jury is still out. That was a very old thread. Since then It was scientifically proved UVB influence in amphibian metabolism, however different species have adapted to different amounts of UVB. Some frogs like pacman dont need any UBV, some need amounts similar to bearded dragon ( waxy frogs). When you think about need of uvb you should think how these frogs live in a wild. Tree frogs usually hiding in a trees, leaves and for sure getting ubv, mostly filtered. So these frogs would require similar environments in captivity.
    For all tree frogs i would use 2-5uvb depending on a tank size, 2 for smaller, 5 for bigger, taller tanks, however none of the albino morphs will tolerate any percentage of uvb, so careful with that.

    In veterinary uvb along with meds is used in treating mbd.
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