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Thread: Whats wrong with my FBT?

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    Default Whats wrong with my FBT?

    I just got my FBTs about a month ago. They were doing fine until just a few days ago, when i changed my terrarium so that the half land half water thing would work (originally did not have a separator, so the substrate was polluting the water.). Now my 1 armed male Bombina Orientalis, who used to be bright green, is a dark green color, and when he makes noise its quieter, higher pitch, and sometimes i hear squeaks (not sure if this is him though.). He also is usually just staying in the log that is in the water, with only his head out of the water, and just sits there. They are in a 10 gallon tank with a piece of plexiglass held in by aquarium sealant to separate the land and water with a peice of airline tubing on the exposed part to keep them from cutting themselves. The tank is usually at around 80 degrees at day and 75 at night. There is also a female Bombina Bombina in the tank with him who is doing perfectly fine. I don't know if he is eating or not, but he doesn't look underfed or anything. I hope he's not dieing!

    Attachment 70320 a picture of their tank (Sorry for the bad quality.)
    Attachment 70321another picture (Again, sorry about the quality.)

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    Default Whats wrong with my FBT?

    It sounds like he's a bit stressed from the change of tank. Keep everything low key and quiet. He should start to settle down. Monitor for any signs of illness. =a.1434844115446.2055312.1363241107&source=11&ref= bookmark

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