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    Post Kassina sp. - breeding

    I have some knowledge about breeding K. maculata and K. senegalensis and I want to share it.

    Breeding Running frogs


    These frogs love storms. So summer is the best time to breeding them. When males starts singing, take all frogs to rain terrarium (rain room? heh, not very good at english :P ), where is 2 cm water and 100% of humidity and 24-26 Celsius degrees. Give them some food at "swimming" bark. Frogs needs two or three weeks to end mating and lay eggs. Then, move frogs back to their terrarium and move eggs to aqarium with water plants and oxygen "box". Because Kassina's tadpoles became frogs after 48-100 days, we must be patient Tadpoles eat spirulina, but you must make some experiments what other kinds of food they eat - there are still not many people, who can breed running frogs. When tadpoles have legs, we must take them to "paludarium" in faunaboxk, so they can go to land and became frogs Few months later we can move them to adult's terrarium. Kassina's aren't agressive, but always hungry...

    Note: Kassinas are arboreal frogs! Everyone who breed them says so. Many people think, they are land frogs - but they all in mistake :P Also, Kassinas can easly escape from terrarium.

    This is my first post at this forum... and I think it's on good section

    My Kassina senegalensis males

    And singing male

    Marcin Poznański "Grim FrogBreeder"

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