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Thread: Large Collection Dart Frogs,Tadpoles, Tanks & Accessories $1500.00 or trades

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    Default Large Collection Dart Frogs,Tadpoles, Tanks & Accessories $1500.00 or trades

    Due to the possibility of travel I am selling my complete collection of frogs, tadpoles, tanks, racks and other supplies. the price is $1500.00 cash sale or I am willing to trade for Nikon D7000 or better camera and lens and other accessories Here is a list

    1 Breeding Group of 9 Green & Bronze Auratus & custom built 50 gallon enclosur
    Breeding group of 15 Leucomelas (Bumblebee Darts) and 1 froglet and 3 custom Exo-terra Enclosures
    Breeding Pair Bakhuis Mtn and custom Exo-terra Enclosures
    Breeding Pair Surinam Cobalts & Terra-fauna Enclosure
    Breeding Pair Blue Azureus & custom 30 gallon vertical Enclosure
    Group of 4 Beautiful F1 Powder Blues
    6 adult Blue Azureus (breeding age) and 10 gallon planted tank) and 6 Blue Azureus froglets
    4 Citronella Dart Frogs
    10 or more Cobalts (breeder age) and Terra-fauna enclosure
    3 or 4 Saul Yellowbacks in Large custom Enclosurel
    1 Chazuta Imitator
    1 Male El Cope
    2 Patricias
    11 assorted froglets (bakhuis, G/B auratus cobalts etc)
    around 90 tadpoles that include Blue Azureus, Leucomelas, G&B Auratus, Bakhuis Mtn, Cobalts etc.
    this collection also includes 4 metal racks, assorted Isopods , springtails and fruitfly cultures and food
    as well as containers, petri dishes, coco huts, exoterra lighting for the tanks 4 tanks of assorted plants for building more terrariums and premixed substrate. too much to list! this is a value around $7000.00 to $10,000 worth of frogs and accessories/equipment. I live in Kingsport, Tn 37664 and this is for pickup only due to the quantity of goods any questions I can be reached via text @ 423-276-4373
    here is craiglist post with pictures
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    Default Re: Large Collection Dart Frogs,Tadpoles, Tanks & Accessories $1500.00 or trades

    this post no longer valid. thanks

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