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Thread: Best Dar Frog Species for my Viv?

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    Default Best Dart Frog Species for my Viv?

    Hi guys,
    So I'm considering getting a/some dart frog(s).
    Here is the viv I have:
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    It's an 18" x 18" x 24" Exo Terra terrarium, and is currently empty and temporarily in my closet.

    I'm about to set it all up with some different plants and Epiphytes and moss and such.

    Obviously, I'm going to try and use up that upward space with some logs, maybe some vines, and tall plants. My problem is, I don't know what sort of dart frog would do best in my enclosure.

    For one, I REALLY REALLY love Phyllobates terribilis!!! All three colors are amazing and I just love its face! Plus, I know I'd be happy with just 1 or 2 of them hanging out in one cage, as opposed to feeling like I need a group to make an impression.
    However, I've read that terribilis is a ground dwelling specie and won't use that upward space I have... is that true?

    The other specie I was looking at was Dendrobates tinctorius. They'd use more of my upward space, but I feel like I'd need a handful of them to really fill the cage with life. And in wanting a group, I'm REALLY REALLY tempted to try and mix morphs. I'd want all males so that I wouldn't end up with any hybrids (or tadpoles, for that matter) but buying sexed adults in expensive.

    Any advice would be nice.
    I'd especially love some video of anyone's terribilis or tincs so I can see how they behave in a vivarium...
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    Default Re: Best Dar Frog Species for my Viv?

    Any frog will work in the tank. All you need to do is select the one you want and then design the tank around its needs.
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    Default Re: Best Dar Frog Species for my Viv?

    As Paul said, any frog will work, once you have a build done, you can research the frogs that interest you the most. The dart frogs will definitely make you grin
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