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    Default Another post looking for advice Re: injured green frog

    Hi there,
    This is my first post although I have been lurking for several days, soaking up all the info and trying to put it into practice. I have been caring for a Northern Green Frog since Thursday, found with a severe open injury to one hind leg that resulted in the loss of his toes (flippers? I don't know the technical terms yet). He looks to be a sub-adult, and was found on land by the house rather than down by the pond so I guess that makes sense since at that age, they tend to wander. I have called several different local vets, including those that specialize in "exotics" including frogs, but have not found anyone willing to even look at or prescribe meds for a "wild animal" which seems unfortunate because it really is in the animals best interest. but oh well. After much research on various frog forums, I have been applying Triple Antibiotic Ointment (no painkillers), changing his housing with damp paper towels every day, and have just begun giving Pedialyte baths and also Tetra fish med soaks -- seems to be the best I can do without being able to find a vet to look at him? For the first few days he was pretty listless, lying around with his back legs splayed much of the time, although still responsive to mild stimuli back there. Now he seems much brighter and most of the time is assuming a more normal frog position with bent legs. And, although not really mobile, he is at least trying to move around and I can see him in different positions throughout the day. I work with horses for a living, so I totally understand the whole prey mentality about not showing pain-- but I also know that in most animals the will to survive is very strong so I would like to give him a fighting chance if at all possible.

    Realistically, given the facts, I obviously am not incredibly optimistic-- although he does certainly seem to be doing better for now anyway. I am concerned that 1) I am handling him way too much, between the daily doctoring and the soaks (requires me to pick him up at least 4 times, to get in and out of water and etc), and 2) He has lost a lot of weight in the last few days...I think I read that the sub adults need to eat every day? He certainly won't accept food from tweezers and when small crickets (minus jumping legs) or worms I put in his tank so much as rub against him, he doesn't just ignore them, he freaks out... how worried should I be about the lack of eating? I guess its hard to say whether it is due to illness or just stress from his new environment and from my good intentions should the pedialyte soaks hold him over for a few more days in terms of nutrition? I would love to just leave him alone for a few days and hope that brings him around, but his injury really requires monitoring and attention. If there is no imminent danger of starvation, I would rather focus on treating the injury and not stress him out by trying to force him to eat. Any thoughts/advice/references would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Another post looking for advice Re: injured green frog

    Hello and welcome to FF! Sorry about the juvie injured NTF . Wondering if your city has a law that does not permit the veterinaries to treat it? Sadly, without an x-ray it's impossible to know what is the internal damage to frog.

    Topical antibiotic should help prevent the wound from infection. You could also use Melafix (an aquarium medication) on the water area (mix according to bottle label) to help reduce any bacterial issues.

    Pedialyte soaks will also help keep electrolytes balanced and frog hydrated. Rana species are very shy and easily stressed; so that is the challenge you are facing. A larger quarantine set-up with hiding places could help frog feel safe and lower it's stress levels and maybe start eating again. Besides insects, you could try offering earth worms like not dyed Canadian Night Crawlers (from Walmart or a local bait shop). If frog is small, you can cut worms from pointy end about same as the frog's mouth to vent length.

    Because it's unknown if frog has additional internal injuries; handling or force feeding are a big risk. Hope this helps and good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Re: Another post looking for advice Re: injured green frog

    Thanks so much for the helpful info. Although he's still not very mobile, he has plenty of places to hide in his little hospital cage...I have some large sterilized Hosta leaves forming a cave for him and he seems pretty content hiding under there. It also has the added benefit of making it much easier to transfer him to the soaking baths because I can just pick up the leaf with him on it and I can minimize actually handling him. If he was an adult, I probably wouldn't have even taken him in to try and rehab him, but the little guys usually seem a bit more adaptable from my limited experience. I read somewhere that SSD cream is safe to use on frogs; would you recommend using that on the wound rather than the triple antibiotic ointment? Since we use that for horses, I can probably find some out in the barn... Thanks again.

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