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    Hello! I recently found a little toad outside my work place. Seeing as how there are many cars and it is not a suitable living environment for him, I decided to take the little guy in. (Plus I absolutely LOVE toads and its hard to find them here...) Upon doing so, I noticed that he is missing basically his whole right hand except for one finger. It appears like scar tissue of some sort has grown over it and he moves around as if the injury has been there a while and he doesn't even notice it anymore. He is very alert, very active, eats plenty, has clear eyes, croaking happily, and is very very strong haha. But I noticed that there is still a slight opening in the wound of his hand where the flesh is exposed.

    I am currently keeping him in a 20 gallon terrarium with uvb lighting on during part of the day, a water dish for him to enter, and eco earth loose coconut fiber (about three inches) for his keeping. I am just worried about that small opening in his hand getting infected. I do not know how to treat this injury and there are not many exotic vets around here. Money is not an issue, I'll do what I have to do to care for this little guy. I just want feedback on what to do. Could someone please give me some advice? I love this little guy and I don't want him getting sick or anything!

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    Default Re: Help!! Injured Toad!

    You can put Neosporine on his little hand and it will heal up ok. Just make sure you DO NOT use the stuff with pain relief as it will kill them. The regular Neosporine is safe and recomended, but the stuff with pain relief is actually used to humanly euthanize frogs, so make sure you have the correct stuff. Also if you are worried that it will get infected, strip the tank down to just white paper towels, a place to hide, and a water bowl for a soaking pond. Then you can monitor the tank for anything that might cause an infection and also you will know if the little hand bleeds or not. I would keep it to the stripped down tank until it is completely healed so he does not re-injure himself digging in the substraight. Also make sure you have the little guy in a warm room, he will heal faster if the temp is a little warmer. God luck with the little guy, it sounds like he is in good hands! I hope my advice helped?

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