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Thread: Is it Redleg?

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    Unhappy Is it Redleg?

    Hi guys,

    I've had my green tree frog Dexter for just over a year now, and just after I got him his hind legs and lower abdomen became a bright red colour. Yes, he has been like this for probably 9 or 10 months so I'm not sure if it is actually redleg.

    He still eats, poops, and is very active. I am currently saving to buy him a fancy tank with all the bells and whistles, but I find it easy to maintain temp and humidity where I live. The substrate at the bottom of his tank are stones which do have rough edges.

    Am I over-reacting? Here is a picture I managed to get - Name:  IMG_4332[1].jpg
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    Welcome to the forums! Was it like this when you got the frog? If so I wouldn't worry unless your frog is lethargic, anemic, or isn't/hasn't lost a lot of weight. Also, I would take the stone out if you notice your frog with any cuts. I would probably put some cocofiber mix in there or something similar. Don't think stone would be the best idea. Hope this helps!

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    Thank you! And thanks for the reply! Yeah it was pretty much since I got him. He's never been lethargic and hasn't lost any weight, I give him two crickets every second night so he doesn't put on heaps of weight (the crickets are fed carrot, broccoli, lettuce and potato for moisture all dusted with GutLoad) and has no/has never had cuts on his skin at all. At most he'll only have these stone for 2 more weeks until I buy him his new tank with smooth stones instead.

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    Np Make sure the stones are big enough were he can't swallow them accidentally

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    Thanks very much for the help! Much appreciated!

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    No problem

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