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Thread: I have too many flies!

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    Arrow I have too many flies!

    hello FF, the title says it all
    I recently bought a fruit fly culture for my PCF froglets and the breeder in my nearby area gave me two because she gives more to her first customers i was in for a surprise. The cultures were booming that were only going to last two weeks but when i open these cultures up there are literally THOUSANDS of flies! im not expecting to feed all these guys to my little froglets. Ive already made two more cultures with Paul's recepie of media,excelcior and mason jars. Im thinking that im going to cull one of the cultures if the froglets grow older or sell some cultures to some other froggers. i just dont want to be known as the Lord of the flies
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    Default Re: I have too many flies!

    Are there any zoo's or science centers that could use them. Hate to see good flies disposed of when there might be something out there to eat them.
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    I agree with Gail. They are used for genetic testing etc. at labs. Maybe you could sell some of the extra cultures?

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