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Thread: Sick Red Eye. Please Help!!!!

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    Unhappy Sick Red Eye. Please Help!!!!

    Today I noticed one of my red eyes had a polyp or blister growing out of her eye. I only noticed this area today and immediately placed her in an isolation tank. I have no idea what to do for her other than to keep her in isolation. She can fully close her eye lid over the area.. most likely why I only noticed it today. I thought she was just being lazy the past two evenings and did not want to get up to hunt before I went to bed. I figured she would get up while I was asleep like she always has. I plan on getting her to at experienced vet ASAP. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be or have any advice?? My fiancé is very experienced with frogs; he has had various frogs his whole life. These two red eyes are my first frogs.
    I will include pictures of the enclosure she is normally kept in & the frog below
    1-size of enclosure
    30 Gallons
    2-# of inhabitants
    2 red eye tree frogs. One definitely male. The one who is sick I believe is female but it is
    difficult to be certain.
    75-77 degrees day
    70-74 degrees night
    5-water – type
    spring water for soaking
    distilled water for misting
    6-materials used for substrate
    coconut fiber & moss
    7-enclosure set up
    please see photo below – live plants, homemade waterfall
    8-main food source
    gut loaded crickets
    9-vitamins and calcium ?
    Calcium power covered crickets every 3 days
    full spectrum bulb & a heat bulb
    11-what is, specifically, being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure
    timer for full spectrum bulb & heat bulb
    12-when is the last time she ate
    last given crickets last evening, unsure if she ate
    13-have you found poop lately
    yes. I can’t be sure if it was from her or the other frog
    14-a pic would be great ( including the frog ) any little cell phone pic is fine
    please see below
    15- how old is the frog
    not sure, looks very young
    16-how long have you owned her
    Since May 22nd
    17- is the frog wild caught or captive bred
    not sure, most likely captive
    18- frog food
    gut loaded crickets
    19- about how often the frog is handled
    Only the day we brought her home and earlier today to show my very curious niece &
    nephew. Prior to handling her we wash our hands twice and very well with antibacterial hand
    20-is the enclosure is kept in a high or low traffic area
    Low to medium. Kept in the corner of our kitchen. We always eat in the dining room. If we
    are in the kitchen for an extended period of time we cover the enclosure and lighting with a

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    Default Re: Sick Red Eye. Please Help!!!!

    Welcome to the forum! Washing with soap before handling is bad, but i doubt it contributed to your frogs condition. Possibly a bacterial infection or even a parasite. Definitely needs a vet's attention. Hope everything turns out alright.
    Edit: upon closer look, could also be a cyst of sorts.

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    Default Re: Sick Red Eye. Please Help!!!!

    Recommend take frog to herp vet for eye safe antibiotics and to remove any sharp items and decor in the enclosure. Can use these to help locate one nearby: Arav and Herp Vet Connection. Also, can contact Dr. Fry via phone or email, he only charges for meds: Milan Area Animal Hospital, David M. Frye, DVM, Veterinary services in Milan, MI, Home page.

    Spring water can be anything according to city codes. Recommend use dechlorinated (Seachem Prime) tap. Good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Re: Sick Red Eye. Please Help!!!!

    Thank you both so so much!! I have already emailed Dr Frye. We will be changing to dechlolrinated tap water ASAP.

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    Default Re: Sick Red Eye. Please Help!!!!

    It does seem to be a cyst of some sort. I hope you can contact the vet and find out what is wrong soon!

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    Default Re: Sick Red Eye. Please Help!!!!

    We were very lucky to find an amphibian veterinarian who had an open appointment this morning, Dr. John Green at Bloomingrove Veterinary Hospital. After looking at the frog he believes she injured herself somehow & her iris is now sticking out through her cornea. The area has sealed itself to the eye. He does not believe he could push the area back into the eye and then stitch it because it would require such small stitches and delicate work. He recommends we wait to see how the area is healing and has given us tobramycin ophthalmic solution USP 0.3% to drop in her eye twice a day for two weeks to prevent infection. She is very lively and has been acting normal. She ate two gut loaded crickets last night in the isolation tank. Dr. Green said we can return her to the normal habitat so she is back under her favorite leaf relaxing after the very stressful morning.
    Dr. Frye also was very kind to respond to my email so quickly. I will be stocking up on some medications from him for our first aide kit!!

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    Default Re: Sick Red Eye. Please Help!!!!

    Thats no good. I am glad that you got to take it to the vet to get treatment. Once it is healed though she should be nice and happy I hope she heals fast!

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    Default Update

    I am so happy I found Dr. John Green - My red eye has been doing amazing. You can hardly tell the eye was injured! Thank you to everyone for your advice that very stressful night!
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    Default Re: Update

    Wonderful Julia! I just re-read this thread the other day and meant to ask how things were going. I'm glad to see the healing has gone so well!
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