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Thread: Female ACF has a big dark dot over most of her head

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    Chunky Monkey

    Cool Female ACF has a big dark dot over most of her head

    Hello, I recently became more active with caring for my frogs that I've had for almost 2 years. In that period there were times when they were neglected due to me being busy or away from home. Of course, being the resilient frogs they are, I still have all 4 frogs alive and kicking. However, I noticed about maybe 4 months ago or so that my sole female frog has a dark dot covering about 3/4 of her head. She's the darkest of all of them and the dot is easily visible. There's been no obvious impact and she's been behaving normally, and in fact all of them have been healthy which surprises me because my tank is smaller and far less maintained than many others' on here. They've not had one single health problem aside from the dark dot on the female. Should I be somewhat worried, even though she has had it for a while now?

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    Sorry but I don't think anyone is going to be able to diagnose your frog with that description. Glad to hear you are getting more interested in their care. Please post photos of the frog with the spot and photos of the tank. Also answer the questions from the trouble in the enclosure thread. Then we might be able to help.

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    Default Re: Female ACF has a big dark dot over most of her head

    Yeah, a photo would really help here.

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    Chunky Monkey

    Default Re: Female ACF has a big dark dot over most of her head

    I woulda had some photos but my phone broke so I wouldn't be able to take better quality photos but here's some from an ipod touch. As I said, it's a basic setup but I've had no problems and I don't have any substrate because they may choke on small pebbles and it's easier to clean up waste and debris.

    Here's Mrs Frog

    Again, I only noticed her dark patch a few months ago, and I don't think she had it before.

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