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Thread: Can my African Clawed Frog over eat???

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    Question Can my African Clawed Frog over eat???

    Hello I am new on this Frog Forum! I purchased my very first African Clawed frog about two months ago. She's about 1 1/2 inches now and I just put her in a new 10 gallon, filtered tank. I'm worried about feeding her correctly. She's been eating frog & tadpole bites and about a week ago I introduced blood worms. I also purchased Reptile Sticks but I think they're too big for her right now. My concern is that:

    1. Is she finding the frog bites in this huge tank? She doesn't eat them right away (normally looks around the ground for food later).
    2. I've only given her bloodworms three times but tonight I gave her a lot and SHE IS HUGE. She just kept stuffing even if her mouth was full. Will she over eat and cause harm to herself? She's just this round ball kind of plopping around right now. I know some animals don't know when to stop and even die from over eating. I want to take good care of her.

    I have attached a picture of how she normally looks and how she looks STUFFED! Please help :/ I dont know if these frogs are ok eating whatever they see.

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    Tank Girl

    Default Re: Can my African Clawed Frog over eat???

    Yep, they do like to over eat and it can cause them health problems. I probably wouldn't feed her again until her tummy goes back to a normal size.

    You could try hand feeding (good for bonding!), or using a turkey baster to either squirt the food right next to her mouth, or onto a little plate so you can monitor how much she's getting. Perhaps cut down the bloodworms to a small amount once or twice a week as a treat. If you think the reptile sticks are too big, you could try chopping them into smaller pieces for her.

    Also, she's TOO CUTE!!

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