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Thread: The little turd won't poop!

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    After a good month of waiting, I finally got my Fantasy Frog home and in his enclosure. The diet consists of crickets, and pieces of nightcrawler with crickets as the main staple and the other about twice a week. I've had him for a little over a week now, and I've only ever seen him poop once. He does however, accept food readily. He's an eating machine! I feed him in a separate enclosure to avoid biting problems as he grows. Is that possibly too much stress? Secondly, can Eco-Earth cause impaction? I soaked him in lukewarm water after his feeding this morning, and I will try to soak him again tonight to see if that helps. I hope I'm just not noticing the poop, and everything is as it should be! Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    This has been asked so many times, so I will respond based on what I've experienced and what responses have been given in the past.

    First, gently feel your frogs right side, if you can feel something firm in there, he needs to poop. If you feel nothing, he is likely pooping and burying it in the substrate. If it's hard, then he is likely impacted. No need to panic in either case, just mix up a small soaking container with about 85 degree treated water, and a drop of honey per cup of water to chin deep, and give the frog a good 20 minute soak. Follow by a ten minute non honey soak. If he doesn't poop from that after trying for a few days take him to the vet.

    As for the substrate, there is a bit of an impaction risk, but if you are feeding in a separate container, then there is nothing to worry about.

    Lastly, make sure crickets are no bigger than the space between the frogs eyes. Certain components of their exoskeleton don't digest well, and if too big, they also pose an impaction risk.

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    Thanks for the tips! They worked!

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