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Thread: Frog/Toad Identification?

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    Question Frog/Toad Identification?

    Hello, friends! Recently an amphibian friend decided it wanted to pay a little visit to my living room, and didn't want to return to the wild for some reason. So, I've been keeping him/her (temporarily) in a small aquarium I've filled with leaves, dirt, etc. with a small tray filled with water, and have been feeding him/her mealworms. I've looked at an identification chart, and she seems to have the physical characteristics of a coastal tailed frog, although they are not native to my area. This has me a bit confused! Should I worry about what type of toad s/he is/will this affect how I should care for him/her? Should I try to get him/her to go back into the wild? I'm sorry if I seem ignorant, this is my first time caring for an amphibian! Thanks for reading this, all help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Frog/Toad Identification?

    Hello and welcome to FF ! Need to see some pics of your frog/toad from above and the side to try and ID it. Many states have laws against releasing a captured animal into the wild, you might want to check that with yours.

    Mealworms are not good as a staple food due to their hard skin and fatty content. Some frogs will eat night crawlers (not dyed available at Walmart or local bait shops) which is the best food you could give it. They can be cut from the pointy end; to feed mouth size pieces for baby frogs, body length for juveniles, and whole for larger (3 in. SVL) frogs. Can also feed crickets gut loaded with carrots, lettuce, and cherios cereal 24-48 hours before feeding frog. Insects should be sized same as the distance between the frogs eyes.

    Water should be dechlorinated tap and the dish washed with hot water and refilled with treated tap daily, even if it looks clean. You will also need to provide food supplements and this guide should help you: Good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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