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    Hello, im new to dart frogs. I have been into snake and monitors for about 30yrs. They are to large and messy and a vivarium looks more down my alley. To my question. I'm converting a Oceanic Lizard Lounge Model 70 to this removing the front glass and having doors made. So my question sorry, how many darts will live in this 36"x18"x24" enclosure happily? This is going to have a waterfall, reptifogger, and a rainbar across the top. I have read alot about the cans of foam to make a back ground. Has anyone else done this and if so is it safe to the frog with a waterfall running down it even with the silicone. I've planned on using a fluval canister filter for the rainbar and waterfall to keep the water clean and raising the floor about 1-2" for drainage any input would be great. Sorry i rambled on so much, i just wan't to do this setup right before i get frogs in there. thanks

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    Paul Rust

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    First off welcome aboard. Sounds like you are doing your homework, a good idea with darts. How many you can put in there will depend on the species. Size of the animal and whether they are arboreal or terestrial will dictate how many you can have along with the orientation of your vivarium. It is normally accepted that they need 5 gallons of usable space per frog. Your enclosure is roughly 67 gallons but not all is used by the frogs. The more space the better. An example is I have 4 tiny R.amazonicas in a 75g.There are many members here with darts and some of the setups are amazing. look through some member photo albums and see what ideas you can pick up. Do you know what species you want yet?

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    I'm looking at the Brazillian yellowhead(denrobates tinctorius),the yellowbandedor(dendrobates leucamelos),or the Blue (dendrobates azureus). So i guess that i'm going with the Dendrobatidae family. I think they are forest ground dwellers and if that is the case do you believe that Satanic Leaftail (aliman phantasticus) they are very small and aboreal.

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    to finish what i was asking. Have you heard of anyone mixing frog and very small geckos safley.

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    Generally, I would not mix lizards in with darts, but if you have to, I would use CB Lygodactylus williamsi. That's if you can even find them. They are a small, diminutive really, turquoise-blue gecko from East Africa. If used they must be CB and parasite/disease free.
    Now the three dart frogs you mention are all good beginner's dart frogs. Dendrobates leucomelas is probably the easiest to deal with because it is not nearly territorial as the Brazilian yellow-head/blue dart frog, Dendrobates tinctorius. Females of the tinctorius species can be very territorial and can kill each other, where leucomelas are a bit mellower.
    Even though the blue dart and the Brazilian yellow-head are the same species now, you should not mix them in the same enclosure. You do not want them cross breeding and producing mutts. Unlike the snake hobby, the frog hobby does not look kindly upon hybrids and man-made morphs.

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    I don't need to mix geckos and darts. I was curious if it was a practice by any means to mix. The other thing is how many is to many in a 70 gallon vivarium minus 8-10 gallons or so of background plants etc.. I don't want a battle of the darts just a nice happy enclosure.

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    I will let someone with a little bit more practical experience with dart answer your question. Up until about a week ago I only had the one blue dart. Currently, I have one in quarantine this I believe is female and in about a week she will join my male in an eleven gallon tank I built. Fingers crossed it will work out.

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