Looking for flexibility when it comes to illuminating your terrarium?

Try these ExoTerra bulbs to create varying intensities of light and UVB within your larger terrariums, or just illuminate your small cages appropriately!

ExoTerra Natural Light - best for simply illuminating cages or growing plants. Produces no UVB, but has a pleasant, natural color balance perfect for display.

ExoTerra UVB 100 - lowest output of UVB, best for short cages or animals that require only small amounts of UVB.

ExoTerra UVB 150 - higher output of UVB, suitable for taller (18"+) cages, or for reptiles that require more UVB. Dimmer light than the ExoTerra 100, due to more of the light output being UVB.

ExoTerra UVB 200 - Intense UVB light, highest output of UVB for the wattage. Dimmest in visible light, but produces the most UV - best for reptiles that need high amounts of UV, or in exceptionally tall cages.

Try the ExoTerra Reptile Vision Lights - color balanced specifically to appeal to the wavelengths of light that reptiles and amphibians see best in! No UVB output, so these are ideal for your living vivariums!

Just want a bright, white light to illuminate your cages? The ExoTerra Ion Bulbs are extremely bright, with the added bonus of helping to purify your terrarium or vivarium's air!

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