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Thread: Strange spots on my red eyed tree frog, please help?

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    Default Strange spots on my red eyed tree frog, please help?

    Hey everyone,

    My frog is just over 2 years old and has recently started losing quite a bit of weight! She is sometimes awake during the day which is very unusual for her and i noticed during the change from night to day or vice versa she will have these odd spots of colour on her. Im wondering what I can do to help her! Thanks for your help in advance

    PS: I have another male Red-Eyed Leaf Frog in there with her and he doesn't have any of these unusually symptoms and they both eat regularly, just the one with the spots doesn't seem to be digesting it properly..
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    Default Re: Strange spots on my red eyed tree frog, please help?

    I've not been on the forum for some time, but just popped in and saw your post...
    You may want to answere these questions to help others help your frog:

    1-size of enclosure
    2-# on inhabitants - specifically ( if there is another frog ---size differences ?)
    5-water - type - for both misting and soaking dish
    6-materials used for substrate
    7-enclosure set up i.e. plants( live or artificial) wood, bark etc -how were things prepared prior to being put into the viv
    8-main food source
    9-vitamins and calcium ? ( how often )
    11-what is, specifically, being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure
    12-when is the last time he ate
    13-have you found poop lately
    14-a pic would be great ( including the frog ) any little cell phone pic is fine
    15- how old is the frog
    16-how long have you owned him
    17- is the frog wild caught or captive bred
    18- frog food- how often and if its diverse what other feeders are used as treats
    19- about how often the frog is handled
    20-is the enclosure is kept in a high or low traffic area
    21- describe enclosure maintenance ( water changes, cleaning etc)
    22- has or was the frog properly quarantined
    (by flybyferns and GrifftheGreat, and others I'm sure!)

    Your frog is sick.
    If you haven't already, read this:
    and this:
    These threads are filled with very valuable information by a very experienced RETF keepers!

    If this were my frog, I would quarantine (her?) in a separate container with moist plain paper towel on the bottom as substrate, a clean climbing structure, and a clean bowl of treated (tap with de-chlorinator) water. I have found that an extra 10 gallon tank on its side works well, or a large critter keeper. But if you don't have either, then a very large plastic tupperware type container will work as well.

    I would even break down your existing tank (if possible), and clean everything with very hot water and a bit of bleach. Then rinse, rinse, and rinse again with water and extra de-chlorinator. Change out the substrate with new substrate.

    Okay, now that you have your sick frog quarantined, those spots look like what some call 'neon spots of doom.' I don't mean to be an alarmist, but it can be very serious.
    I would first dab a bit of non-pain reliever neosporin on the tip of a q-tip onto the spots. You can do this while she is sleeping to inhibit any stress from the application. This is only for the interim between now and when you can get some meds from a vet.
    I love Dr. Frye (his contact info is in the links above). If you send him these photos, he will likely send you SSD cream, MEtro, and/or Baytril. I don't know if he'll recommend the use of all three, but definitely the SSD, and either Baytril or Metro. He may also request a stool sample, and recommend that you treat all your frogs that were in the same enclosure.
    Also, your baby looks a bit thin, even for a red-eye... so maybe up the amount your feeding?
    I'm sure others will chime in, as I haven't been here in a looong time.

    Good luck...
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