CLEANER CREWS Insects You Need For Reptile & Amphibian Food, All Natural Ready Reptile Feeders

CLEANER CREWS are Great for cleaning up roach and cricket bins as they eat dead flesh as well as leftover protein chow from cricket & Roach bins. Also used to Remove Flesh from Bones & Skulls in Taxidermy. You will receive plenty of larvae and eggs to continually inhabit your roach and cricket bins and keep them clear of dead and decaying rotten flesh. This results in a much more pleasant and less smelly experience in keeping your cricket or roach colony. Not many websites offer these special cleaner crews as they are hard to come buy, The best site to buy these cleaner crews for your roach and cricket bins is right here and we give you plenty of them.
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Springtails & Isopods are you enclosure's best friend.

Basically, they are microfauna that will live and breed in the substrate. They will help you clean out your tank or vivarium by feeding on dead fecal matter, (Poop) and leaves, and dead feeders, (Crickets and such) . We have many varieties of springtails & Isopods.

Springtails & Isopods will also be part of the diet of smaller frogs, like thumbnail frogs, some tree frogs and dart frogs. They are fairly inexpensive, are easy to keep and breed and you will soon have a plentiful supply because of their prolific breeding. We sell Temperate, tropical, pink and silver varieties of springtails & Dwarf White, grey, purple, striped skirted isopods.

They do the job that nature intended, saving you time and hassle and giving you a chance at coming closer to a self sustaining environment for your pets.

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Dermestid Taxidermy Beetles

Dermestid Taxidermy beetles (Dermestes maculatus) or Carrion Beetle
and their larvae (Are Great Feeders for Frogs) and do exactly what you'd expect as 'cleaner' bugs. They're scavengers that feed on dead or decaying organic matter. They will devour dead insects and molted skins in your roach and cricket colonies. They shouldn't touch living insects.

These Ready to Go cleaner crews will colonize safely within whatever bin you put your Starter Colony Kit in. Each Ready To Go Cleaner Crew contains Dermestid (taxidermy beetles) beetles, larvae and eggs, along with instructions, food, watering system and food.

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