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Thread: New to Pyxicephalus adspursus

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    Default New to Pyxicephalus adspursus

    So after years keeping a lot of Snakes an Geckos i stop it and change the Animal.

    Reason is the wohle incest in the Reptiles an all thensicknes what the Reptiles have.

    So now i start with Frogs my Pyxis are direkt from Tanzania and Farming Frogs.

    An now a few pictures of them.
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    Default Re: New to Pyxicephalus adspursus

    The ABFs available from Tanzania might be a different species from P. adspersus ( Please do keep posting pics of your frogs as they mature, would be interesting to see if they appear the same or different from other GABFs in forum. Thank you !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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    Default Re: New to Pyxicephalus adspursus


    so i got 2 ABFs today and i ask my Dealer from where they are.

    He told me Mozambique

    So sorry for my mistake and i hope i have one 0.1 in this couple

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    Default Re: New to Pyxicephalus adspursus

    So here a few new pictures of my frog
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    Default Re: New to Pyxicephalus adspursus

    So here a few new pictures from my Frog

    Name:  comp_20140327_141447.jpg
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Size:  135.2 KBName:  comp_20140327_141421.jpg
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Size:  125.8 KBName:  comp_20140327_141408.jpg
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Size:  122.4 KB

    That is the biggets think i coud be a Male
    Name:  comp_20140406_141917.jpg
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Size:  140.6 KB

    This one is the smalest that i have

    Name:  comp_20140406_142005.jpg
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Size:  303.8 KBName:  comp_20140406_142017.jpg
Views: 83
Size:  121.1 KBName:  comp_20140406_142037.jpg
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    Default AW: New to Pyxicephalus adspursus

    Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1399380827942.jpg
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Size:  57.6 KB Now my little Frog get a bit color

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9305 mit Tapatalk
    1.0.1 Pyxicephalus adspursus
    2.2 Rhacophorus dennysii (Vietnam)
    0.1 Bullterrier

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