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Thread: Concerned about one of my african dwarf frogs

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    Default Concerned about one of my african dwarf frogs

    hi folks, just new to the forum and relatively new (6 months-ish) to african dwarf frogs.

    anyway, i have 5 of the little ones, all been living quite happily together in a decent sized brand new tank. they're fed daily, swim around quite happily and sing their little hearts out at night times. have had them for about 4-5 months, and they came from a local pet shop (family business) which i trust.

    yesterday around noon, i noticed one of the females just "floating" at the top corner of the tank. obviously this isn't something i've seen them do very often so i gently tapped on the edge and after a few moments she swam off to the bottom and disappeared again. but i noticed she had something quite vile-looking coming out of her back end. the only way i could describe it is to liken it to a worm, probably 2mm in width and maybe 10mm/12mm in length. it was red and white in colour. because i've never actually watched them 'going to the loo' before, i wondered if maybe this was just a rather large erm... well... poo. it looks as if they have an internal tubeway going down their spine and exiting at their bum, and that's where this thing was coming out of.

    a few hours later i checked her again but couldn't find her in the tank. eventually i found her again floating, but this time at the back of the tank, where she'd positioned herself right at the top of the water, with her feet sitting on the top of the heater. i lifted open the lid and could see her, about 50% in the water and 50% out - she looked up at me and seemed quite happy sitting there, even though the top half of her body was out of the water. she stayed there for a good 5-10 mins before i gently pushed her back into the water. she still had the growth coming out of her.

    i checked her regularly throughout the evening and each time, she'd gone back to the same spot on top of the heater, half in and half out of the water. she's sitting there for sometimes 20-30 mins at a time, head and top half of the body out of the water - and the growth is still there.

    behaviour wise, apart from this, she seems normal - if i push her gently back under the water she just swims off and joins the others, but then returns a short while later.

    not sure whether i should be worried about this or whether it's maybe something to do with reproduction as they have been a bit randy the last few weeks, with the males on the females back quite a bit. google searching threw up the usual scaremongering of "it could be nothing" to "omg she will die" and hence i thought i'd try here to see if anyone can help either put my mind at rest or suggest what to do.

    i've tried to take a couple of photos of the strange growth but it's difficult to get it to focus because of the tank.

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    Default Re: Concerned about one of my african dwarf frogs

    ... just managed to get a slightly better photo as she positioned herself right on cue!

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    Default Re: Concerned about one of my african dwarf frogs

    Update: This morning she was again sitting at the top of the water, head out, resting on the heater, and has been there a considerable time. The strange thing is still coming out of her and has now gone white. I've managed to get another photo which shows it a little better, you can see it protruding from her rear end. Really starting to worry about this now :/

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