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Thread: Western toads?

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    Default Western toads?

    A couple weeks ago i caught a big fat western toad in my driveway. i figure it was old (i hear they live over 30 years) because it wasnt interested in eating. anyhow, we let him free. must have been too wild?

    anyhow, does anyone here have any experience with these guys? where to find them, what to look for... what time of the year do the babies come out? i remember when i was a kid, my friend and myself collected about 60 babies and let them free in the back yard lol
    i went back to that spot recently and only found some frogs, and very few tadpoles from what i could see.

    heres some pics of the big guy i had...

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    Default Re: Western toads?

    I'm afraid my knowledge only extends to New England herps, and those that are in the pet trade.

    There's a pretty good "Toad Basic Care" sheet on the left hand tool bar that probably would suit the general needs of the species.

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    I currently have one of these toads and have for a while, their breeding season is usually around April to July , I think somewhere around there. They normally live over ten years but in some cases they can live longer. As a pet you can feed them crickets (make sure to pick a reasonable siZe) as their main diet mealworms about once and a while and they also really like earthworms so those are good to feed around one a week.

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