I have bought a Logitech HD C920 Webcam and will be doing a complete tutorial to help resolve some of the questions we all ask as to what products to use. Will also document a bunch of tests with the various products to show what works and how to do it. Such as with Zavlar liquid plastic, Drylok tintable latex "Water proffer"; Krylon Fusion for Plastic premixed colours and Clear Satin. I am building all Faux rocks and hollow planting logs for the tropical plants. Plus there will be a unusually shaped 20 gallon Aquarium/ Lake across the front feed by a 38" high waterfall that feeds a stream that goes back to the lake. Also a 44" high top edge moss covered drip/ rain wall; complete with a below the false bottom on demand drain pump that will return any drip through soil water back to the lake to be refiltered by main filter sponge. The filter will run a 280 gal/hr powerhead that will feed up to the waterfall has a 5" Hydro sponge filter; plus another 5" Hydro sponge in side the waterfall chamber as a polishing filter too.
This will be a long ongoing project and I will post video from start to finish. It may take awhile though as I live on a very tight budget; just collecting ALL my materials and researching my brains out now. Wish me luck. I eventually want to have 7 Red Eyed Tree Frogs living in it. So excited!!! Doug.