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Thread: What size heat mat should I buy? Help!!

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    Lil Krystal

    Default What size heat mat should I buy? Help!!

    *I posted a similar thread in the tree frog section but it doesn't seem to be getting any attention so I thought I would pop it here*

    I have a small terrierium its 25cmx28cm and 18cm in height with two baby green (white?) tree frogs. I am buying a heat mat of I can get rid of the light and move the enclosure in my room
    I have 3 options... I've been told to stick the mat on the wall and it shouldn't be bigger than 50% of the surface area

    7W 15x28cm Heat Matt with temperature control

    If put it on the side of the tank it will cover the whole surface area so maybe I could only stick half on some how?. But it has a temp control (no idea how well it will work) but I can turn it down when needed or keep it on a real low setting so they don't over heat.

    5W 14 x 15 cm Heat mat (add a thermostat??) or
    2w 7cm by 7cm Mat(with out any heat control)

    I have spoken to this seller and he
    said If I didn't want to spend the money on a thermostat I could go the smaller mat which is only 7cm by 7cm so it doesn't make the enclosure over heat ever. But I don't know if the smaller one will keep it warm enough? but the next size up well be to hot with out a thermostat. I've already spent lots on them so I don't really want to get a thermostat if i don't need it need it.

    I need a size in between but I can't find one anywhere.

    What should I do? Whats my best option guys?


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    Default Re: What size heat mat should I buy? Help!!

    Hello Lil,

    sorry, my english is horrible, i hope, you can understand me.

    I had in the last years 72 Litoria caerulea - Babies and adult one.

    How old or big your whites?
    The tank from you is too small. Please buy a bigger one.

    Good, i have a tank with 130x40x140cm for my 9 Whites. But i think for 2 Whites (adults) you need minimal 40-60x50x80cm.
    And for your babies (i think 2-4cm) minimal 30-50cm cube or bigger.

    You don't need a heatmat for treefrogs. In Europe we make the heat only whith light.
    It is not good and reality for treefrogs. When you buy one, you must test, how hot is in the tank.
    The glas must be so cold, that the frogs can't burning her feeds on it.

    Nice greetings from vienna,

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