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Thread: Which Type Of Frog Is Best? Help!

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    Question Which Type Of Frog Is Best? Help!

    I'm getting a new member of my froggy family soon... I own 2 tree frogs so far, a red eyed tree frog, and an american green tree frog. Which species should I buy next? I have a 20 Gallon tank ready for my new friend!
    Stuff in bold is super important!

    I want...
    A friendly Frog
    One that will not eat my other frogs
    A fairly small frog
    Tree Frog
    Cricket eaters
    Not toxic

    Aggressive types to frogs and humans
    Aquatic-semi aquatic frogs

    Delecate frogs
    Jumpy (Avoids People)

    Please list Pros and Cons of each species!
    You will all be a huge help!
    I was thinking about a dumpy tree frog or a grey tree frog, suggestions?

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    Default Re: Which Type Of Frog Is Best? Help!

    Hey storm. Welcome! Ironically Im from vernon as well. Interesting!

    I am a bit concerned that you mentioned a frog that will "not eat your other frogs"... are you housing them together!?

    I would HIGHLY recomend a GREY TREE FROG.
    Which is actually native to our home state of connecticut and is also not protected.
    Very Friendly. Very talkative. Handleable. NON AGGRESSIVE.
    Will hang out on your hand and stare out you.
    Is capable of surviving freezing of their internal body fluids to temperatures as low as 17.6F (so its a little more owner friendly if your heater breaks)
    Possible hand feed after training.

    Whites tree frog would be my second recomendation. NON AGRESSIVE / NOT POISONOUS
    Will eat smaller frogs such as your green tree frog. Grow quite large and will need a larger tank than 20 gallons tall in a short period of time.
    Not as talkative as the grey tree frog. Will hand/ tong feed.

    Another concern:
    -Is this a standard 20 gallon? You will need a TALLER tank for a tree frog. Not a standard 20 gallon long thats meant to be an aquarium for example, 24x18x24 exoterra (whites) or a 18x18x24 for your grey.

    If that is your extra tank I would highly recomend you keep that as a spare quarantine tank verses getting another frog just because you have it laying around.


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