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Thread: Injured White's Tree Frog??

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    Hi. I have two white's tree frogs. I just noticed on of them has a nasty looking cut on his face . It doesn't seem to be getting infected. It's been healing for 2 days but I was just wondering what I can do to help him recover. I don't want to apply anything to the cut because it's so close to his eye. He has still been eating, pooping, and acting normally.
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    Default Re: Injured White's Tree Frog??

    Hello and welcome to FF Laura! First thing is to revise there are no sharp decor items in it's enclosure that could injure frog again in the future. If you find any, either un-sharpen it (i.e. wood) or take it out (i.e plastic items like plants).

    You can use a bit of antibiotic carefully applied with a Q-tip. A tiny bit won't travel up and damage the eyes. Plain (no analgesic) Neosporin or Silver based antibiotic will work fine to help prevent an infection. Good luck !
    Remember to take care of the enclosure and it will take care of your frog !​

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