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Thread: C. ornata vs. C. cornuta?

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    Default Re: C. ornata vs. C. cornuta?

    Quote Originally Posted by Teh Frog Whisperer View Post
    I like that Ornates are supposed to be hardier with great appetites, but I love the appearance of Surinam horned frogs and I like the idea of the challenge that they may present. As a result I'm pretty torn between the two. Would you recommend an Ornate or Surinam, and why?
    go with ornates, they are massive, colorful with huge appetite, very impressive frogs overall and easier to keep. majority of cb cornutas are headache, picky eaters, it is problematic to keep them in general and provide environment they need to thrive, males are gonna be small, my adult boy is about 2.5".
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    Default Re: C. ornata vs. C. cornuta?

    I was looking on the Kingsnake classifieds, and I'm thinking about getting a little guy/gal from Snakes at Sunset. Any thoughts?
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